pesanan buat bakal suami ku......

kehadapan bakal suamiku......


I don't want to be your girlfriend.

I just want to be the one you call your wife.

Your presence will give me happiness.U’ll be my halal prince charming. 

Riding your horse of Taqwa.

Holding onto the noble Qur'aan and the Sunnah of our beloved and blessed Rasool'Allah sal'Allahu alaiyhi wasallam in your right hand.

I hear you’re worth the wait, so I'll wait In sha ALLAH.

My heart belongs to no one in this Dunyaa, I just thought I should let you know.

It belongs to ALLAH subhanahu wa ta'aala and only Him.

You'll have to get lost in Him and the beauty of Islam to find me and even then you'll still have to rightfully become a part of my heart. 

Only through Him subhanahu wa ta'aala. 

What I'm trying to say is that WE have to devote our lives and heart to Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala and his beautiful beloved Muhammad salAllahu alaiyhi wasallam in order to find eachother. 

I hope you’re up for the journey. 

I know I am! ♥ ^-^

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Fieza Ghulam said...

UPSI ke? sy pn UPSI jgk :)
doakan yg trbaek utk kamOo :)

*jom follow jom?
ade kisah mnarik ttg abg sy :)